Wild Country Rock Set Anodised Rock Climbing Nuts, 9-14 in Rainworth, Nottinghamshire for sale

Wild Country Rock Set Anodised Rock Climbing Nuts, 9-14

Great value, lightweight set of Anodised Rocks sized 9-14. These nuts are the backbone of any good rack.
The Wild Country rock set 9-14 features nut's with curved sides for advanced and versatile placements. These are the nuts that revolutionised climbing, their curved sides make placements more secure and give leaders the confidence and tools to progress onto harder routes. Designed nearly two decades ago they were a stroke of climbing genius, with their specifically designed and engineered shape that can be positioned in any crack - tapering sides mean that the Rock can be placed into pockets and twisted to lock into position. The convex side creates a triangulation of touching edges, making it incredibly strong in the wall. The over-barrelled shape ensures that the Rock beds into the wall for complete protection, also they're easy to clean and remove so you can leave with an ultra-shiny, complete rack. Anodised heads make identifying the right size an easy task and thinner, lighter sidewalls than previous incarnations means the overall weight has been cut down on for a lighter rack. The Wild Country Rocks On Wire are technologically advanced to keep you protected while getting you to the top of the Trad route of your choice.
* Anodised colour coded Rocks sizes 9-14
* Essential Trad Climbing Gear - build up and improve your rack
* Lightweight And Great Value
* Wired Nuts - for easy placement
* Tapered sides