Glass Aquarium Fish Tank - 120 in Rainworth, Nottinghamshire for sale

Glass Aquarium Fish Tank - 120

Interpet Original Bow Fronted Fish Pod 120 L
Comes with lots of stuff and everything you need and more.Everything pictured.
Blue light,a bright LED light,castle with auto changing color lights,heater,nano internal protein skimmer,fluval filter,wave maker,crocodile which can be conected to an air pump if you have one,large shell,gravil and background,magnetic glass cleaner,1 small fish nets,tropical fish food,algae wafers for the cat fish,frozen blood worms,aquasafe.I think there are 14 fish maybe a couple more,there are 2 dollar fish,there is either 1 or 2 small cat fish,5 black and orange tetras,5 other fish cant remember what they are called,there was 2 shrimps not sure if they are still in there and a massive cat fish thats about a food long and will probably need a bigger tank but i just havent got the room.feel free to get in touch only if genuinely interested,Bargain at £300 for silly offers please as the tank alone (RRP £375),Buyer will need someone to carry the tank to their vehicle as i cannot lift.